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Craig y Pandy


Huw Morus (1662 1709) was an interesting figure, he was born and lived near Pandy, one of the villages in the valley and became the most famous poet in Wales. He took the Bardic name Of Eos Ceiriog, the Nightingale of Ceiriog. There is a memorial to him at the pony trekking stables in Pandy.


He was said to be such a political activist writing ballads in support of Charles I - couched in poetry, of course - that Cromwell sent a few of his troops to persuade him to mend his ways. His sword is on display in the Ceiriog Memorial Institute.

The Rev. Robert Elis (1812 – 1875) was a Baptist minister in Glyn Ceiriog from 1838 until 1840 and was better known by his Bardic name of Cynddelw.

The school in Glyn Ceiriog is named after him.

John Hughes (1832 - 1887) was born near Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, taking the Bardic name of Ceiriog and using it as his middle name.

The Ceiriog Memorial Institute was built as a memorial to the three of them and is furnished with some fine stained glass windows dedicated to their works and memories.