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Lloyd George. How he saved the valley from drowning

lloyd george


David Lloyd George was the Prime Minister from 1916 to 1922. He is the only Prime Minister to speak Welsh as his first language. He was a great reformer as under his office two major acts were passed: The Education Act in 1918 raising the School Leaving Age to 14 and in 1920, the Employment for Women, Young Persons & Children Act, prohibiting the employment of children below the compulsory school age. In 1919 he signed the Treaty of Versailles which established the League of Nations.


He was famous for other reforms, but he holds a special place in the hearts of the inhabitants of the Ceiriog Valley. Along with other Welsh members of Parliament he helped to save the valley from becoming a reservoir for Warrington. In 1923 The Warrington Corporation put forward a scheme to create two Reservoirs in the Ceiriog Valley. This would have meant the evacuation and drowning of the villages of Llanarmon and Tregeriog and the surrounding productive farmland.

In the House of Commons there was a long debate on the Warrington Corporation Water Bill. In the debate in the House of Commons the bill was opposed by all the Welsh Members of Parliament including the  local MP, Mr J C Davies ( MP for Denbigh) and Mr Gould ( MP for Cardiff Central). Mr Lloyd George the MP spoke eloquently about the Ceiriog valley.